FIRE Million Voices

Million Voices Campaign

In 2017, FIRE’s Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project launched a new initiative: our Million Voices Campaign. We aim to free one million student voices from unconstitutional speech codes nationwide.

Since its 2014 launch, Stand Up For Speech has won eleven victories, resulting in more than $1 million in damages and attorney’s fees and prompting policy changes affecting nearly 1 million students. SUFS plaintiffs have been successfully represented by Robert Corn-Revere of Davis Wright Tremaine, joined by his colleagues Ronald G. London and Lisa B. Zycherman.

Under the Million Voices Campaign, FIRE will continue to challenge unconstitutional speech codes nationwide, partnering with the talented and dedicated attorneys of FIRE’s Legal Network. By building these partnerships to protect student and faculty speech rights, we hope to expand our reach to force even more universities to defend their policies in court.

We invite interested attorneys to help us free student voices across the country by joining FIRE’s Legal Network today.